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 Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Thu Jul 16, 2015 9:06 pm

We advise you to please strictly follow the terms of services of this site and its host. Please read and understand them to avoid future problems that may arise within the forum. The rules are implemented and enforced for the good and the benefit of everyone. Arigatou Gozaimasu  I love you

Please follow 13+ when role-playing. If you need the details about 13+ please go here.

New characters are to start at the age of 12 until they finish at around the age of 18 or 19.

Five weeks or 35 days equates to a year for your character in the forum. Student characters will age accordingly, but once they graduate, you are free to slow or stop their aging. Although you should remember that with age comes maturity. The older your character, the better they are with magic.

On the 34th day, the "promotions" will occur. This is the time "weeding" time of the forum where the staff promotes, delays or deletes a character.

A three-days long registration will commence right after the promotions for new characters.

The number of posts required each "year" is 15. If your character did not meet the requirement, said character will not be promoted to the next level.

In-Character threads are strictly in-character.

No advertising of other sites through PMs or in character boards.

No god-moding. You can't control other characters in a thread. Not their actions, reactions, emotions or even their presence. Unless permission is given. If permission was given, write on the bottom right in font size 1 and italics "permission to gm, given by handler" or something similar.

Likewise, you cannot kill another character unless you are given permission and the character death was approved by the staff.

No obscenities, please.

Word count minimum is 50 words. If you need a word counter, please go here.

Third Person narrative is a rule of thumb.

No smileys or emoticons allowed while posting on in-character boards. Let's keep it clean and peachy.

Swearing is allowed but only to an extent. We have to remember that the swearing should be age appropriate and follows the rules of the board.

No spamming. Please do not  post “bump” on your threads. Neither should you post consecutively in a thread nor reply in a thread that has been inactive for a term.

We acknowledge that English is not everyone’s first language (it sure isn’t mine~) but we ask that everyone should keep spelling and grammatical errors to a minimum. Or at least, make posts coherent.

Usage of Foreign Languages should be limited to 3 lines with translation, either in-line or at the bottom right of your post. But the occasional use of Japanese words is alright and doesn’t need translations like the honorifics or name titles. For reference, please see this page.

You are free to apply and handle stock characters like teachers or the like. Please see Stock application process here.

Character faces are limited to celebrities such as models, athletes, singers, thespians, actors and actresses.

We do not allow Mary Sues. We’re trying to keep it as real as it could be, so let’s not get into too cliché personalities like Lala Lulu~

Remember to read the Student Handbook.

Inactivity and Deletion
If you do not meet the required number of posts for two consecutive “years” your character will be deleted without notice.

You could apply for inactivity, but if you are going inactive, all your characters will also be inactive. Inactivity only lasts for 3 forum years or approximately 105 days. Should you go beyond that, we will be forced to delete your character/s. We recommend that you put in the inactivity thread the expected date of when you’re coming back.

There are no post requirements per year, but keep in mind that if you don’t post for 2 “years” or approximately 70 days, your character will be deleted without notice.

You are limited to handling 5 characters at once, as long as you don’t neglect any of your characters. If you register a character as the 6th, you will be given a week to give up one of your current characters. If you don’t, the character with the least number of posts since creation will be deleted without notice. If you are handling a stock character, then it is also counted in the 5 character-rule.

Accounts that has invalid usernames will immediately be deleted.

Should you choose to delete your character, please remember that you cannot bring said character back. Ever. It’s just like killing off someone, you can never bring him/her back.


Images posted in threads should only be 500x500px in size and not more.

Avatar size is 200x150px. This could be in .jpg .jpeg .png or .bmp format.

Forum Signature is 500x200px or smaller. This could be in .jpg .jpeg .png or .bmp format.

Character Signature for letters and documents is 200 x 50px. This could be in .jpg .jpeg .png .gif or .bmp format.

Please remember that we do not tolerate obscenities or morbidity in photos so please, please, avoid showing too much flesh and gore in anything you use. I love you

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Forum Rules
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