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 Character App

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PostSubject: Character App   Thu Jul 16, 2015 10:06 pm

Before you start posting, please give us bits of information about your character~

Quote :
Name: Your character's name. Be sure that whatever's on here is similar to your username.
Character Face: This is where you put the name of your celebrity face like Teppei Koike or someone
Face Masterlist Entry Celebrity's name - Character's name.
Are you sure you've read the terms and services AND the Forum rules? We have a way of knowing so don't lie~
What's the Secret code? Before you agreed to the terms of this forum, there were gibberish written on that form and if you've read it, you'll know the answer to this. Wink Oh yeah, no smileys or emoticons allowed.  lol!
100 words Character Background This is where you blab about your character's past 12 years of existence.
100 words Character Personality And this is where you try to give your character a personality.

Now here is the code and at the same time, a sample.

[quote][b]Name:[/b] Natsuki Hanazono
[b]Character Face:[/b] Teppei Koike
[b]Face Masterlist Entry[/b] Koike, Teppei - Natsuki Hanazono
[b]Are you sure you've read the terms and services AND the Forum rules?[/b] Of Course~
[b]What's the Secret code?[/b] This is the gibberish
[b]100 words on Character Background[/b]
Natsuki was born to a pureblood elitist in Kyoto and he has lived a sheltered life ever since. His parents are strict and scary and are rarely seen interacting with their children. Natsuki has two other siblings, his younger sister, Mitsuki and the youngest of the Hanazono children, Miharu. Then just make sure that this thing gets to 100 words.
[b]100 words on Character Personality[/b] Natsuki is gentle and kind. He loves to read and listen to the magical cicadas in their courtyard. He enjoys his time alone and would rather do everything on his own. He doesn't like his parents but he seems to be reflect nearly every bit of characteristics they have. Then make sure this also reaches over a hundred words.[/quote]

Just post below and the staff will just edit it if it has problems or it's approved~ cheers
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Character App
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